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Requiring Passphrases Instead of Passwords


Looking to use a Passphrase instead of a password with PortalGuard.


PortalGuard does support the use of passphrases out of the box, with only minor configuration changes needing to be made within the Security Policy.  Essentially, all you need to do is increase the values for the Minimum Length and Maximum Length rules to something like 16 and 100 respectively.  This will ensure that your end users cannot proceed with passwords that are entirely too short (feel free to modify the above values as you see fit). 

Note: this change may also lead to desired changes in the UI informing users to use a passphrase not a password.

  • In the Security Policy navigate to Password Rules
  • in the Complexity tab change the minimum and maximum length to desire phrase requirements

Additionally, it may be beneficial to use a regular expression to enforce an additional requirement of at least 3 spaces – to ensure the passwords are indeed ‘phrases’ instead of just long strings of characters. PortalGuard supports the use of regular expressions through the ‘Misc’ tab under ‘Password Rules’ in the security policy. Shown below is an example of the configuration.


NOTE: the ‘RegEx Failure Message’ appears if a user attempts to set a password that does not meet the requirements of this Regular Expression.  This field can contain HTML tags for additional formatting. 

REV. 09/2018 | PortalGuard

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  • 19-Oct-2018