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Looking for the Diagnostic Utility?

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PG Diagnostic Utility Tool


  1. Your PortalGuard is having an issue and is requiring troubleshooting.
  2. You have an upcoming PortalGuard upgrade that will require UI changes.


PGDiags is an automated utility that makes it easier for you to share information about your PortalGuard server with our support team. Please note that it does not automatically send any information. You are still required to email the zip file it creates to our support team.

  1. Download and extract the PGDiags.exe utility from the zip file attached to this article.
  2. Once downloaded and moved onto your PG server, open PGDiags.exe.
  3. Please select any additional features that you have been requested to send over.
    • Please note if you are using this tool for an upcoming PortalGuard upgrade, then you will only need to select the 'InetpubPortalGuard folder contents'.
  4. In PGDiags.exe, click the 'Create Zip File' button.
    • Please note that this tool will automatically download the following:
      • PGSync.xml
      • IdP_Log.txt
      • PG_Log.txt
      • PGRadius.txt
  5. This program will zip all of the selected contents to a folder on your desktop.
    • The folder will be labeled "YYYY-MM-DD - HH-mm-ss -"
  6. Email the zip folder to

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