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Authentication Methods-Twilio SMS

Problem Definition

You have configured the PortalGuard Bootstrap setting to use your Twilio account to send SMS messages but receive the "Hosted Service Delivery Failure" error when attempting to send an OTP:

The PortalGuard runtime log shows the following error message:

useTwilioService(): OTP delivery failed for user 'user1', err 21212: The 'From' number [YOUR-FROM-ADDRESS] is not a valid phone number, shortcode, or alphanumeric sender ID.


When using Twilio as a 3rd party messaging provider for SMS delivery, you will need to edit the From field on the Password Rules -> OTP -> Delivery Format – SMS tab in all of your PG Security Policy configurations in the PortalGuard Configuration Editor:

If you have a single Twilio phone number, enter it in that field. If you have multiple Twilio numbers and want to use their Co-pilot feature, enter the “Messaging Service SID” in that field instead.

Please be sure to also enter the same value in the From fields under the Authentication Methods -> Phone -> Delivery Format tab. Be sure to do this under all four (4) "Message Types":

Save and Apply these changes for them to take effect.

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  • 05-Jun-2018