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Enable Trace Logging for Troubleshooting


You need to enable trace logging to troubleshoot an issue with PortalGuard.


Enable Trace logging from the 'Log/Audit' tab in both the PortalGuard Configuration Editor and PortalGuard Identity Provider Configuration Editor.

How To Enable Trace Logging in the PortalGuard Configuration Editor

  1. On the PortalGuard Server, Navigate to the 'PortalGuard Shortcuts' folder on the Desktop and run the PortalGuard Configuration Editor
  2. Click the ‘Edit Bootstrap’ button
  3. On the Log/Audit tab, set the ‘Runtime Log Level’ dropdown to ‘Trace’
  4. Save the File
  5. Apply and Sync the changes

How To Enable Trace Logging in the Identity Provider Configuration Editor

  1. Click the ‘General IdP Settings’ button
  2. On the Log/Audit tab, ensure the ‘Runtime Log Level’ dropdown is set to ‘Trace’
  3. Save the file
  4. Apply and Sync the changes

With those settings enabled, you will be able to duplicate the error and generate additional logging for more detailed troubleshooting.  Once the error has been duplicated, please provide Technical Support with the following:

  1. Screenshot of the error
  2. 'PG_Log....txt' and 'IdP_Log....txt' files from C:\Program Files\PistolStar\PortalGuard\Logs on the PortalGuard server
  3. The username used to duplicate the error
  4. The general time when the error occurred
  5. Any additional information regarding the use case
    • For example, if SSO was involved, please note the Application that was accessed when the error occurred.

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