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User Profile Converter


You want to use SQL to store your PortalGuard User Profiles, but you don't want to lose any data making the switch.


  1. PortalGuard's SQL Backend must be installed and configured:


Use the PortalGuard User Profile Converter to convert your file-based PG User Profiles to PG's SQL storage option.

  1. Download the User Profile Converter from BOX (link) onto your PortalGuard Server.
  2. Create a back-up of your current file-based user profiles located in the "\Program Files\PistolStar\PortalGuard\users" directory.
  3. Run "UserProfile_Converter.exe".
  4. Leave the "Runtime Log Level" set to "Trace", that way any issues can be diagnosed.
  5. Click the 'Count Profiles' button.
    • NOTE: The number of user profiles should match the number of files in the "\Program Files\PistolStar\PortalGuard\users" directory.
  6. Once the amount of profiles has been detected then click the 'Convert Profiles' button.
  7. After all of the profiles have been converted, you can quit the utility.

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