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PortalGuard Log Entry Syntax


You need to understand the syntax of the PortalGuard log for interpretation or use with another system.


Reference the breakdown below for the breakdown of each section of a PortalGuard Log Entry.

PG_Log Entry Example:

Using the above log excerpt as an example, the Syntax of the logs breaks down as follows:

YYYY-MMM-DD Hour:Minutes:Seconds:Microseconds [Thread ID] (severity) Class::function(): Log Entry

(severity) Breakdown:

  • (e) = Error
  • (i) = informational
  • (d) = Debug (Listed as 'Verbose' in the PortalGuard Configuration Editor and the Identity Provider Configuration Editor)
  • (v) = Trace

REV. 03/2019 | PortalGuard

  • 94
  • 13-Mar-2019