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How to Use LDP.exe to Test/Validate PortalGuard Settings?


Your PortalGuard is unable to connect to AD via LDAP or LDAPS or you are not getting any results when using a search filter.


Download ldp.exe below:

  1. Once downloaded and moved onto your PG server open idp.exe
  2. Open the PortalGuard Configuration Editor and click the User Repositoriestab then double click the repository that is unable to connect.
  3. In LDP click the connection tab then click 'connect'
  4. Copy the settings from your LDAP Basic tab. (If using SSL make sure the 'SSL' box is checked and the Port is set to 636.
  5. Click 'OK'.
  6. There should be details about if LDP was able to connect to the repository or not.
  7. If it was unable to connect, then check to make sure you are putting in the correct server and port.

If you are having trouble with search filters you should test the following:

  1. In LDP click the Connection tab and then click 'bind'.
  2. Under the 'User:' and 'password' fields put in your PG Service credentials.
  3. In Bind type first try a 'Simple bind'.
  4. Click 'OK'.
  5. If it does not go through or gives you "Invalid Credentials" try running it again, but this time select 'Bind with credentials'.
  6. You will need to put in your PG domain in the 'Domain:' field which will be the same as the 'Server' field in your PortalGuard Configuration Editor.
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Now that you have set up the bind you can test a search.

  1. Go to Browse search in LDP
  2. Copy your 'Base DN' from PortalGuard Configuration Editor and paste it into the 'Base Dn:' field in LDP
  3. Change to the LDAP Advanced tab in the PortalGuard Configuration Editor
  4. Copy the 'User Search Filter' field.
  5. In idp paste into the 'Filter:' field.
  6. You will need to replace {LOGIN_FLD} with samaccountname and {USER} with the username you are searching for. In this case we are using the PG Service account. (Make sure to remove the curly braces)
  7. Select 'Subtree' in the 'Scope' field.
  8. It Should find the account and display the details.

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