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Servers Included With PortalGuard License


What does one license of PortalGuard entitle your organization to?


One PortalGuard license allows 4 PortalGuard servers to be built using the same license key.  With these 4 servers only one can actively receive production traffic.  The other 3 can be used for a Disaster Recovery, Test, or Dev servers and any combination of the those that are not receiving traffic. These can help with the upgrade process and allow testing and leverage new features before making a cut over in production. The PortalGuard license can be used on all 4 of these instances as the license key is not tied to any specific hostname, IP address, or server. Shown below is a common use of One PortalGuard license in a customer environment.

One PortalGuard License

Production Server

Can accept production traffic

Cold Standby

Can have of production configurations synced   Can be ready to receive traffic

Test Server

Can be used for testing new PortalGuard versions and testing configurations of new features or Software


Used a development server for testing configuration changes or customizations

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