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Help Desk User Lookup Not Returning Results


The Help Desk User type-ahead/lookup is not returning any results when entering a user's name.


If the search value is generic initially, this could be an issue with too many results being returned from the LDAP search. The steps below describe how to determine if this is the case and how to address it. 

  • In the PG_log...txt file, search for the user search term which did not return any results.
  • If Error 4 is displayed (shown below), then the issue was because too many matches were found in LDAP/Active Directory:
  • The simplest way to resolve is to use a more specific search to find the end user (e.g. continue typing the full last name or sAMAccountName).

Additional Option:

  • The default limit of results displayed is 20. This limit is defined in the pg_admin.js file. Open this file in a text editor. The file is in the Inetpub\PortalGuard\_layouts\images\PG\js folder.
  • In the JS file search for the first occurrence of: RESULTS_LIMIT

  • NOTE: The maximum is 100 for this field. Please be aware that if set to 100, it may take longer for results to populate in the drop-down results.

Once this change has been made, do a hard refresh in the web browser to pull down the updated pg_admin.js file, then attempt the search again for the end user.

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