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Password Change Link Not Displaying in Account Management


The "Change Now" link is no longer showing on the Account Management page for end users. They utilize this link to change their password through PortalGuard.


To display this link on the Account Management page a few minor changes will need to be made to the pg_acct.js page.  This change will force the link to be displayed for the end users.

Here's are the steps to follow to always show the 'Change Now' link:

  1. On the PG server, go to the folder: \inetpub\PortalGuard\_layouts\images\PG\js
  2. Make a backup copy of pg_acct.js in that folder (in case you want to revert back to it)
  3. Launch Notepad++ as an administrator
  4. Open pg_acct.js in the folder \inetpub\PortalGuard\_layouts\images\PG\js
  5. Search for the following text to find the appropriate section of that file: getXMLAttrStr(act_pwexpires
  6. Delete the lines shown in the red highlight of the following image:
  7. This article now has a "changes.txt" file attachment. Add the lines from it as shown in the green highlight of the following image:
  8. Save the changes to pg_acct.js

Open an InPrivate/Incognito browser window and login to the PG Account Management page to see the result. If you want to change the text of the URL (e.g. from "Change now" to "Change password now"), edit pg_custom.js, search for "change now", set it to the value you want, then do a "hard refresh" of the browser (e.g. Ctrl-F5) to ensure a cached copy of pg_custom.js is not used by the browser.

If things look good, the last step is to edit \InetPub\PortalGuard\default.aspx in Notepad++, search for "pg_acct.js" to find the line that pulls in that script file and change the "r=" value to today's date. This KB describes this process in more detail.


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  • 14-Sep-2018