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Using Twilio as PortalGuard SMS Provider


 You want to use Twilio as the SMS provider for PortalGuard.


The configuration to use Twilio within PortalGuard is very straightforward:

  1. Launch the PortalGuard Configuration Editor (PG_Config.exe)
  2. Click the Edit Bootstrap button
  3. Go to the tab: Services -> SMS
  4. Set Delivery TypeHosted Service
  5. Set Provider: Twilio
  6. Paste your Account SID
  7. Paste your Auth Token
  8. Click the Save button to commit the Bootstrap changes

  • Due to changing API URLs in Twilio, the 'Test Credentials' button may return an error, even with correct credentials.  It is recommended that you complete the setup and test the connection by attempting to enroll a mobile phone for OTP Via SMS. 
Next, edit each Security Policy as follows: 
  1. Launch the PortalGuard Configuration Editor (PG_Config.exe)
  2. Go to the tab: Security Policy 
  3. Select desired policy that will be using SMS messages
  4. Go to the tab: Password Rules -> OTP -> Delivery Format - SMS 
  5. Set the From field to either the Twilio- issued Phone Number or the Co-Pilot/Message Service ID Value
As a final step, Apply/Sync these changes for them to take effect and to update the configuration of any other PG servers in your environment.
Lastly, on each PortalGuard server, open an administrative command prompt and run IISRESET

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