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Automatically Bypass the 'Try to continue logging in' prompt during Self-Service Actions


You want to bypass the 'Try to continue logging in' prompt during Self-Service Actions, automatically proceeding to the next step during Challenge Question, Phone, and/or Email Enrollment. 


Update the 'pg_custom.js' file with the appropriate function to skip this intermediate screen. 

File Location


JS Code to Add

if (SS_ACTION_ENROLL_CHAL == ssaction || SS_ACTION_ENROLL_PHONE == ssaction || SS_ACTION_ENROLL_EMAIL == ssaction) {
if (bSubmit){
} else {
closePopup("popup_SS", false, (g_bPGClient || g_bSideCar ? true: false), PG_AUTHTYPE_LOGIN);
return "";
} else {
ret += "<br /><a href='javascript:" + (bSubmit ? "submitFromSS()" : "closePopup(\"popup_SS\", false, " + (g_bPGClient || g_bSideCar ? "true": "false") + ", PG_AUTHTYPE_LOGIN)") + "'>Try to continue logging in</a>";

  1. Edit the 'pg_custom.js' file in Notepad++ or a similar administrative Text Editor.
  2. Search the file for 'function getSuccessfulSelfServiceMsg'.
  3. Navigate to the bottom of the function and add code from JS Code to Add above the two commented out lines. The final result should resemble the following:
    • PortalGuard Skip Continue Logging in During Enrollment
  4. Save the changes to the 'pg_custom.js' file. 
  5. Be sure to invalidate all browser cache
  6. Open a new browser window and perform the enrollment of a new account to see the new process without  the interim popup.

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