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Use Regroup as SMS Provider


 You want to use Regroup as the SMS provider for PortalGuard.


The configuration to use Regroup within PortalGuard is very straightforward:

  1. Launch the PortalGuard Configuration Editor (PG_Config.exe)
  2. Click the Edit Bootstrap button
  3. Go to the tab: Services -> SMS
  4. Set Delivery TypeHosted Service
  5. Set ProviderRegroup
  6. Paste your API Key into the API Key field (please see screenshot below)

  1. Click the Save button to commit the Bootstrap changes
  2. Apply/Sync them so your other PG server's Bootstrap configuration is updated as well

If you have two PG servers:

LastlyOn each PortalGuard server, open an administrative command prompt and run IISRESET


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  • 28-Aug-2018