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PortalGuard v6 Change Log

PortalGuard Version 6.x

2019-01-21 - v6.2.0.3 (PG.dll)

  1. Fix for properly handling PG-POST-File parameter during new user self-registration.

2019-01-15 - v6.2.0.2 (PG.dll)

  1. Added "Reset failed logon attempts count after X mins" setting to Security Policies.
  2. Support for directly leveraging Active Directory "Password Setting Objects" (PSO) settings instead of duplicating the configuration in Security Policies: Password Complexity, Expiration & Account Lockout Settings

2018-12-28 - v6.2.0.1 (PG.dll)

  1. Fixes for handling import of HOTP token seed values if they contain embedded NUL characters.

2018-12-28 - v6.2.0.1 (UI)

  1. Additional changes to multiple InetPub\PortalGuard files related to WCAG 2.0 conformance.

2018-12-17 - v6.2.0.0 (PG_IdP.dll)

  1. Support for OAuth v2.0.
  2. Support for OpenID Connection v1.0.
  3. CAS fix for using the URL's full path if no query string arguments are provided in the request. This can fix errors related to the CAS logout action.

2018-12-17 - v6.2.0.0 (PG.dll)

  1. Support for use of Google reCAPTCHA on main PG login form.
  2. New setting to prevent end-users from changing any YubiKey enrollment (they can only be batch imported when enabled).

2018-11-30 - v6.1.0.0 (PG.dll)

  1. FIDO U2F support.
  2. Support for voice biometrics OTP type through VoiceIt service provider. Had to add logic to prevent voice biometric phrases from being seen as potential YubiKey OTPs.
  3. Support for smart card-based logons to PG.
  4. Fix for creating PG SSO cookie after password change as well (was only being done on login, prior)
  5. Password Recovery Fix: HTML-encoding the <recovered_password> value to ensure XML processing doesn't break in PG.NET. Characters containing reserved XML characters (e.g. '&') were not displaying.
  6. Returning new <duo> element on AcctMgmt to indicate if Duo is enabled for any actions in the security policy.
  7. Fix for Verbal Authentication - Ensuring the HD user's groups and OUs are cleared before looking up the target user. Without the fix, this could result in the wrong security policy being applied to the target user.

2018-11-30 - v6.1.0.0 (PG_IdP.dll)

  1. Fix in CAS agent for using the full path if no query string is provided in the request
  2. In IP Blocking feature, not doing any blocking when the IP value is blank.
  3. Checking static white list before adding an entry to the dynamic IP blacklist. Prevents "new dynamic IP blocked" email when the IP is already white-listed.
  4. For easier log parsing, adding "X-MS-Forwarded-Client-IP={IP}" to the log line showing username when a WS-Sec auth fails.
  5. Support for static formatting around Group CNs for SAML/WS-Fed

2018-09-17 - v6.0.0.5 (PG.dll)

  1. Fix to enforce blocked access via CBA v2.0
  2. UI: Fix for phone type radio button selector javascript bug

2018-08-16 - v6.0.0.4 (PG.dll)

  1. Support for grouping Challenge Answers, Phone & Email enrollments and allowing a subset to satisfy the enrollment requirement (e.g. 1 of 2, 2 of 3).

2018-07-31 - v6.0.0.3 (PG.dll)

  1. Restored IP geolocation support in CBA v2.0

2018-07-30 - v6.0.0.3 (PG_IdP.dll)

  1. HTML encoding any double-quotes in RelayState so it doesn't break the POST
  2. For Banner 9 AppNav integration, changed the CAS "jsessionid" behavior to truncate EITHER or BOTH the "svc" value in the request and the value stored in SQL.

2018-07-24 - v6.0.0.2 (PG_IdP.dll)

  1. IP Lockout no longer blocking requests where X-MS-Forwarded-Client-IP request header is "blank".
  2. Critical section now being released in exception handlers if an exception occurs during SAML signing.

2018-07-19 - v6.0.0.2 (PG.dll)

  1. PW dictionary fix to lowercase the actual dictionary words as well during "contains" checking. If the words had any capital letters in the config, they weren't matching.

2018-07-12 - v6.0.0.1 (PG.dll)

  1. Fix for deadlock when performing update/sync when long running agents tried to filter event reporting.

2018-07-12 - v6.0.0.1 (PG_IdP.dll)

  1. Using shared reader lock approach on Bootstrap access from AgentBase, minimizes number of read locks IdP agents request.

2018-06-27 - v6.0.0.0 (PG.dll)

  1. Suppressing "unknown OTP type" error when Duo is available, but user failed validating with different type (e.g. phone).
  2. Support for report event filtering Fix for crashes when using KBA and reducing the number of challenge questions in the security policy. Now returns PGAPI_RC_CONFIG_ERROR/1122 which displays following error on Login page: The security policy is incorrectly configured - please contact the administrator
  3. Support for writing PGAS cookie to reflect authentication type for app-specific 2FA.

2018-06-28 - v6.0.0.0 (PG_IdP.dll)

  1. For NameID claims, only adding the "Format" attribute if the schema value is non-blank.
  2. Support for report event filtering.
  3. Support for SSO to legacy web applications.
  4. Support for app-specific 2FA.
  5. Support for IP blocking "whitelist".
  6. Support for "persistent" IP blocking for Office 365/WS-Security logins.
  7. Support for claim case conversion: UPPER(2), lower(1) or No Change(0).
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  • 03-Apr-2019