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PortalGuard v4 Change Log

PortalGuard Version 4.x

2015-02-12 - v4.3.1.4

  1. Allowing blank values for custom RADIUS attributes

2015-02-03 - v4.3.1.3

  1. Returning default OTP methods for Dashboard user lookup

2015-01-21 - v4.3.1.2

  1. Write events and errors to PortalGuard Event Log

2015-01-15 - v4.3.1.1

  1. XML escaping user profile data to fix bug when reading it from and writing it to SQL
  2. Fixed bug in validatePhoneInfo() that was showing the same format 10 times when entered phone number was invalid. There is still a limit of 10 formats, but only defined formats are now shown.

2014-12-17 - v4.3.1.0

  1. Adding better info in SQL reporting to track historical SSPR actions
  2. Central Authentication Service (CAS) SSO support

2014-12-15 - v4.3.1.0

  1. Server-side support for password reset mobile app

2014-12-09 - v4.3.1.0

  1. Support for updating memberOf in Active Directory during self-registration

2014-12-08 - v4.3.0.10

  1. Fix for Event Logging being disabled when PG configuration is synced/applied
  2. Fix for more clearly showing when a password sync occurs in Event Logging

2014-11-21 - v4.3.0.10

  1. Support for user profile converter utility (from File to SQL-based)

2014-11-18 - v4.3.0.8

  1. Made usage of mapping field in ERB configurable in repository configuration
  2. Fix for display of user profile data in Admin Dashboard when multiple repositories are defined
  3. Fix for displaying messaging provider errors if SMS or voice delivery fails (was being masked previously)

2014-11-14 - v4.3.0.8

  1. Support for esendex as messaging provider

2014-10-30 - v4.3.0.6

  1. Periodic phone confirmation

2014-10-27 - v4.3.0.5

  1. Allowing scheduled pw reminder emails to use AD expiration and email data
  2. Fix for Audit log folder misname if bootstrap log directory doesn't end with backslash (both pw exp sync and pw exp emails)

2014-10-21 - v4.3.0.4

  1. Allowing PortalGuard Mac Desktop enrollment checking. NOTE: This cannot detect issues with password recovery's Encrypted Recovery Blob

2014-10-13 - v4.3.0.3

  1. When Native Windows pw expiration sync is enabled but a GC port is used, we cannot read the AD expiration (GPO settings are not available in GC partition!). Now using the PG expiration as a fallback.

2014-10-02 - v4.3.0.2

  1. Fix to ignore case of username for Help Desk global admins (previously done for regional)

2014-09-25 - v4.3.0.2

  1. Now flushing log if Trace is enabled for PassiveKey enrollment (it doesn't use CPSReturn so it needed it explicitly)
  2. Fix for username issues with PassiveKey enrollment via Kerberos SSO ("DOMAIN\" prefix wasn't being removed via the IdentityEngineLookup object which was causing LDAP lookup failures)

2014-09-19 - v4.3.0.2

  1. Fix for password history where initial submission of same new & old password wasn't caught. Now preventing it.

2014-09-18 - v4.3.0.2

  1. New setting to allow "isUserInvalid" check to fail in the Help Desk agent if HD user is not found in target directory. Fix for the "unknown user" error seen in environments with multiple children domains.

2014-09-11 - v4.3.0.1

  1. Fix for parsing empty elements from SQL-based user profiles

2014-08-28 - v4.3.0.0

  1. Fix for Help Desk HOTP import action - now bubbling up encryption failures due to CA keypair issues

2014-08-27 - v4.3.0.0

  1. Support RSA SecurID tokens

2014-08-18 - v4.2.0.0

  1. Support for SQL connection pooling

2014-08-18 - v4.1.0.1

  1. Fix for PassiveKey and HOTP setting "OTPUsed" profile variable - had been UNDEFINED...

2014-08-15 - v4.1.0.1

  1. Support for proxying outbound HTTP traffic from PG to external services (currently only YubiKey, CAPTCHA, & SMS/phone messaging providers)
  2. Limiting configurable default OTP types to those that are enabled for the specific action -AND- enrolled

2014-08-10 - v4.1.0.0

  1. Fixed bug where the user-chosen OTP override was causing OTPs be generated, sent and prompted for even if they were disabled in the security policy (those OTPs *were* correctly rejected when used).

2014-08-04 - v4.1.0.0

  1. Honor HOTP token type for actions where enabled. NOTE: HOTP syntax matching - 6 or 8 numeric chars
  2. New Help Desk actions related to HOTP management
  3. AcctMgmt agent - Return counter value for HOTP tokens
  4. Batch Import - Allow HOTP seed & counter importing

2014-07-31 - v4.1.0.0

  1. Support for more granular self-registration callbacks

2014-07-07 - v4.0.1.1

  1. Now calling WinHttpSetTimeouts() in CPSHTTPClient class. Wasn't waiting longer than 30 seconds otherwise.

2014-07-01 - v4.0.1.0

  1. Support for HOTP for Google Authenticator

2014-06-30 - v4.0.0.6

  1. Updated CPSDBAudit::init() to handle case where PG Log folder doesn’t end with backslash. Was causing the audit files to be written to the root PG installation folder instead of the "Logs" subfolder.

2014-06-26 - v4.0.0.6

  1. Support for scheduled synchronization of password expiration from a primary Active Directory to a linked LDAP account

2014-06-25 - v4.0.0.5

  1. Flushing log buffer when application of "updates" are finished

2014-06-24 - v4.0.0.5

  1. Fixes for CBA with 2FA (including email as default OTP type)

2014-06-02 - v4.0.0.4

  1. Fix for PGDesktop "skip" looping when IE 10+ is installed on workstation

2014-05-27 - v4.0.0.3

  1. Fix for regression in OTP Entry agent that prevented Login OTP types from being used when VPN auth type required enrollment

2014-04-29 - v4.0.0.2

  1. Fixed Veracode finding: Wasn't checking return code of stat() in CPSDirAccessor::doesDirExist()
  2. Fix for UAFS bug: Email enrolled, phone not - OTP not seen by SSPR as "available" - fix in AgentBase::getSSOptions()
  3. Trimming leading and trailing whitespace from submitted OTP values for usability

2014-04-22 - v4.0.0.2

  1. Fix for HelpDesk actions not using the LDAP mapping field to find the user profile

2014-04-18 - v4.0.0.1

  1. Can create a SSO cookie after successful login

2014-03-31 - v4.0.0.0

  1. Use Readers/Writer locking for caching configuration files in memory for drastically improved performance
  2. Using opensource Boost.Log framework for logging from PG web server, RADIUS server
  3. Using image sprite for website buttons to reduce number of HTTP requests to display login page
  4. Stopped using static CPSEmail object in AgentBase
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