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Adding a Help Desk Region Through PortalGuard


You need to add more specific control over the PortalGuard Help Desk Console to limit scope, available actions, or change the default search filter.  


Configure a Help Desk Region through the PortalGuard Configuration Editor.

  1. Open the PortalGuard Configuration Editor
  2. Navigate to the 'User Repositories' tab
  3. Highlight the Policy you wish to configure a Help Desk Region for and click the 'Edit' button
    • NOTE: Each Repository has its own scope.  A Help Desk Region may need to be configured for each Repository.
  4. Navigate to the 'Features' tab and select the 'Help Desk' sub-tab
  5. Select the 'Regional' tab and click the 'Create' button
    • HelpDesk Region Create
  6. Give the Region a 'Name' and 'Description' that makes sense for what you are looking to achieve
    • i.e. 'Student Workers' might be a good name for a Region devoted to students that can only perform Account Unlocks
  7. Update the 'Precedence'
    • The Lower number defined here, the more important the policy is viewed (1 being the most important).  If users fall under multiple regions, PortalGuard uses the precedence to determine which policy to apply.
  8. Update the 'Authorized Users' field with the individual users and/or Groups (if enabled) that this region should apply to
  9. If necessary, update the 'Base DN' field to limit the scope of users which MAY be affected by this particular Help Desk Region
    • i.e. a value of 'DC=Acme,DC=com' would have a scope of the entire domain, while a value of 'OU=students,DC=Acme,DC=com' would limit the scope to just the 'students' OU and all sub-organization units.
  10. If you want to adjust the type-ahead filter and/or the search filter to change how users are found, please do so here
    • new region
  11. Navigate to the 'Allowable Actions' tab and select the actions that this Region will allow:
    • allowable actions
  12. Save this Region
  13. Save the updates to the 'User Repository'
  14. Click 'Apply to PortalGuard Server'
  15. Click 'Sync'
  16. Open a new browser (Incognito or InPrivate browsing is the best for testing) and navigate to your PortalGuard website with the following URL Structure:
    • https://YOUR.PORTALGUARD.URL/PG_HelpDesk/useraction.aspx
  17. Login with a user account that falls under the newly created region
  18. Test the Search/Scope/Actions accordingly

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