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Syncing Multiple PortalGuard Servers


You have two or more PortalGuard servers and would like to synchronize the Configuration files between them.


Add server to the 'Synchronize PortalGuard Servers' dialog in the PortalGuard Configuration Editor.

How to Add a Server for Synchronization 

The various configuration files and settings between the two PortalGuard servers are maintained separately. However, it is possibly to set up a synchronization between the two servers so that when you update one location, the changes are made automatically on the second server.

  1. When you click on the ‘Apply to PortalGuard Server’ icon within the PortalGuard Configuration Editor after making a change, you are presented with the synchronization screen.
    • Alternatively, you may open the PortalGuard Configuration Editor and click the 'Actions' menu at the top, and then select 'Update PortalGuard's Runtime Configuration'
  2. From here, simply click the ‘Add Server’ button and fill in the required information for the server you want to sync changes too. If you hover over each input label, you will be presented with additional context help for the configuration.
  3. Please ensure that you have UNC connection between both servers prior to attempting to Sync.
  4. The Update URL must also resolve to the appropriate server from the initial server.
    • i.e. if you wish to synchronize from ‘PG1’ to ‘PGTest’, then must resolve from a browser on ‘PG1’

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