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Enabling Emailed Password Expiration Reminders


You want to automatically notify users via email when their password approaches expiration.


Run initial setup in the PortalGuard Configuration Editor and configure the included Email Expiration Reminders application.

  1. On the PortalGuard Server, navigate to the PortalGuard Configuration Editor and click on the 'Actions'menu:
    • PortalGuard Config - Actions Menu
  2. Once in the actions menu select 'Initial Setup':
    • PortalGuard Config - Initial Setup
  3. A new window will open.  Click the 'Start' button:
    • PortalGuard Config - Initial Setup Start
  4. Once started, a dialog box will pop up asking to overwrite Logs. Click 'No':
    • PortalGuard Config - Initial Setup: Logs Prompt
  5. Directly after, another dialog box will appear asking to enable email reminders. Click 'Yes':
    • PortalGuard Config - Initial Setup: Email Reminders Prompt
  6. Once completed, you will notice that a task has been created in Windows Task Scheduler for PortalGuard to run every evening at 1:00 AM. 
    • PortalGuard Email Reminders - Task Scheduler
  7. This task will first check the expiration dates of users, and then deliver the necessary email reminders, per the settings configured within Email_Expiration_Reminders.exe.
  8. Ensure that Email Expiration reminders have been enabled from the C:\Program Files\PistolStar\PortalGuard\bin folder:
    • PortalGuard Email Reminders - Bin Location
    • Email_Expiration_Reminders.exeshould be run as Administrator.  Upon opening, you will be able to configure the settings as needed for your environment:
    • PortalGuard Email Reminders - Settings
  9. Once completed your email reminders will be sent out based on the intervals and settings configured here.
  10. Important Configuration Notes:
    • Ensure the 'State' is set to 'Enabled'.
    • Ensure the 'From' value is updated to a legitimate email address. 
    • You may further customize the Subject and Body of the email here as well, including sending the email as HTML instead of RTF.
    • Hovering over any of the blue text labels will display contextual help for each feature. 
    • The 'Source Directory' setting must match the 'Expiration' method within your PortalGuard security policy.
      • If your 'Expiration' method is configured as 'Saved', you will use (PortalGuard User Profiles) as the 'Source Directory'
      • If your 'Expiration' method is configured as 'Computed at Runtime' you will use the appropriate User Repository in the 'Source Directory' instead.

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