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Adding Helpdesk Phone Number


You want to add your helpdesk phone number into the help text.


Change the hardcoded text in the 'pg_custom.js' file.

How to change the Helpdesk Phone Number in the 'pg_custom.js' file

  1. Navigate to the PortalGuard Server
  2. Open an Administrative Text editor (such as Notepad++)
  3. Open C:\inetpub\PortalGuard\_layouts\images\PG\js\pg_custom.js
  4. Search the file for: 'function getHelpDeskOTPPRompt()'
  5. Edit this function and the function below ( ‘function getInstrHDOTP()’ ) with the appropriate contact info
  6. Save the file and run an iisreset from an elevated cmd
  7. You may need to refresh your login page a couple times for the JS change to take effect.

REV. 04/2018 | PortalGuard

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  • 03-Apr-2018