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Changing the length of One Time Pass codes (OTPs)


-          Want to change the length of OTPs the end user receives.

Solution A:

-          Edit the security Policy for which group you would like to receive longer OTPs. The following steps will allow you to update the length of the OTP being sent from PortalGuard.

Steps for Solution A:

-          Navigate to the PortalGuard Server

-          Open the PortalGuard Configuration Editor

-          Edit the security policy that applies to the users that you wish to receive a                 10-digit OTP

  • Typically just the default policy, but if you have multiple policies, you will likely need to make this change in each of them

-          Navigate to the ‘Password Rules’ tab

-          Select the ‘OTP’ sub-tab

-          Update the ‘OTP Length Field as needed

-          Save the configuration

-          Apply and sync the changes

-          Send an OTP via PortalGuard to test

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  • 02-Apr-2018