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Submitting a Technical Support Ticket


You need to submit a Ticket to a Technical Support Agent but are unsure how to do so with the new system.


Create and Submit a Ticket through the New Technical Support Portal

Steps for Creating a Ticket

  • Login to https://portalguard.happyfox.com
  • Click on the 'Technical Support Portal' tile
Technical Support Portal

  • Once in the Ticket Center, click on the 'New Ticket' tab on the top of the screen
New Ticket Button

  • Fill out the required fields
Ticket Fields

    • Important: More fields may appear depending on the category of your ticket.
  • Be sure to choose the most closely related category to ensure rapid assistance.
  • Attach any relevant logs and screenshots of the issue that you are experiencing. 
  • Click 'Create Ticket' to submit the Ticket to Technical Support


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  • 03-Apr-2018