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How to Uninstall PortalGuard Desktop


You want to uninstall PortalGuard Desktop.




  1. Open a Control Panel window on the computer that has PortalGuard Desktop installed.
  2. Navigate to the Programs and Features section of the Control Panel.
  3. Locate/Select the PortalGuard Desktop program within the Installed Programs list.
  4. Uninstall.
    • There will be multiple prompts that you will need to continue through until you are prompted to restart your computer.
  5. Once the restart is complete, login with a local account for the computer.
    • You can confirm that PortalGuard Desktop is uninstalled as the options for Account Unlocks and Password Resets will be gone from the login page.
      • Before Removal / After Removal:


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you experience a vastly different experience from what is described above, please contact technical support via


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