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Adding Security Policy


Adding a security Policy for select group of users.


Create a new Security Policy in the PortalGuard Configuration Editor.


Steps To Create a New Security Policy in the PortalGuard Configuration Editor

  1. Navigate to the PortalGuard Configuration Editor and select the ‘Security Policies’ tab
    • Click Create on the right-hand side
  2. Modify your new security policy
    • It must have a unique name and precedence set between 1-10
    • The precedence is the order in which it will check policy it is important to set it to either the same precedence or lower than the default policy
    • Must select which repository this security policy applies to
      • If you only have one repository, select ALL
      • In the lower pane on the right side, select 'add' to select which OU, Group, or individual User this policy will apply too
        • NOTE: You may select multiple OUs, Groups, or Users here
  3. By default, the new policy will have everything disabled
    • Each tab should be checked to ensure the policy is configured to meet requirements for the selected Groups, OUs, and/or users
      • At minimum, you should ensure that the ‘Password Rules’ and ‘Lockout’ tabs are configured to be at least as strict as AD/Group Policy
        • These can be configured to be more strict, but not less.
  4. Example: Users who cannot reset PW
    1. Navigate to the ‘Actions’ Tab
      1. Under the ‘PW Reset’ tab, 'Allow users to reset forgotten passwords?' should remain unchecked
        1. This will prohibit users that fall under this policy from resetting their passwords through PortalGuard


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