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Creating a Default SSO Jump Page Layout


You want to be able to customize the default layout of the SSO Jump page. 


  • PortalGuard version feature: v6.5.X or Later
  • The Identity Provider must be configured to allow for Jump Page customization.
    • This is done from the Jump Page tab in the 'General IdP Settings':


Define a default JSON string under the 'Edit Default Customization' section within the Jump Page settings.

To create the JSON string for the default customization, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your own account or test account and customize it however you like. The layout you make will be what is set as the default.
  2. Connect to your SQL server through Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and create a new query, copy and pasting the following. Replace 'username' with the name of the user you made the previous customization on, keeping the single quotes.
    • use pstar;
    • select * from SSOCustomizations where Uname = 'username';
  3. Right Click and copy the contents of the The Blob column for this user.
  4. Enter your IdP configuration editor, click 'General IdP settings', and navigate to the last tab Jump Page.
  5. Click the 'Edit Default Customization' Button and paste the JSON string that was just copied.
  6. Click 'OK', then 'Save'
  7. Click 'Apply to Identity Provider', then 'Sync' to push the changes to the PortalGuard Identity Provider.
  8. Log into PortalGuard with a different account, and test to see that the default customization loads.

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