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Adding Two-Factor (2FA) to Password Change (Known Password)


Users need to be able to change a password they already know. 


Changing 'Actions' settings in the PortalGuard Configuration Editor under the 'PW Change' Tab

How to Enable Password Change and the Relevant Security Settings

  1. Open the PortalGuard Configuration Editor
  2. Navigate to the 'Security Policies' tab
  3. Highlight 'Default' and click edit
    • NOTE:If you are enabling this on a secondary Security Policy, make sure to edit that one instead.
  4. Navigate to the 'Actions' tab, then select the 'PW Change' sub-tab
  5. Change the 'Password Change' drop down to the 'Password only' option.
    • For additional security, you may also consider the 'Password & Challenge Answer (KBA)' or the 'Two-Factor (2FA)' option here.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click the 'Apply to PortalGuard Server' button.
  8. Click Sync.

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