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Looking for the Diagnostic Utility?

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PortalGuard SQL Monitoring Application


  1. Your PortalGuard server is not generating any Reports in the Admin Dashboard.
  2. You are experiencing any SQL related issue with PortalGuard.


Our PG SQL Monitor application is an automated utility that runs as a Windows Service on your PortalGuard server to test the connection to your SQL database. 

  1. Download the SQL Monitoring application below:
  2. Once downloaded and moved onto your PG server, extract the contents to your "Program Files\Pistolstar\PortalGuard Extensions" folder.
  3. Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, create a new user named 'SQLReader' and give them db_owner rights in the Pstar database.
    • This is required to test the connection to your SQL database.
  4. Open 'PG_SQLMonitor.exe.config' located in "\Program Files\PistolStar\PortalGuard Extensions\PG_SQLMonitor\" directory
  5. Update the 'pstarConnStr' key.
    • The required information includes the Data Source, USER ID, and Password.
    • To encrypt the password, please refer to section 5.60 of the Admin Guide.
  6. Provide the email address of the admin who will be sending and receiving the SQL Monitoring notifications.
  7. After all of the required information has been provided, open an elevated Command Prompt window with Administrator Rights.
  8. In the command prompt window, CD to the following directory "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319"
  9. Once in the above directory, run the following command: 
    • InstallUtil.exe "C:\Program Files\PistolStar\PortalGuard Extensions\PG_SQLMonitor\PG_SQLMonitor.exe"
  10. If installed correctly you will see the following text in the CMD window.

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